Barbara Clearbridge is a medical intuitive and an energy work practitioner and teacher. She offers laying-on-of-hands treatments, workshops, and apprenticeships in Vermont, around the U.S., and overseas. For more information about Barbara, click here.

All services for individuals are on a love offering basis.

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Barbara’s other name: shulamith eagle. When Barbara turned 50, she had a “croning” celebration. For its conclusion, six people did Reiki healing on her at the same time. During this, Barbara had a mystical experience in which she was given the name “shulamith eagle” for the next part of her life. “Shulamith” means “peace” in Hebrew. It took a year or so for her to discover how “peace” and “eagle” could go together. Once she understood, she began using the name with friends. Because she had a reputation in her field, she kept her formal name with clients. Since “Barbara” means “alien” or “stranger,” as in “barbarian,” Barbara prefers the name shulamith. She has now decided to merge her names. Clients are welcome to use whichever they prefer.

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Phone: 802.324.9149 (New York/Montreal time zone)

Email and phones don’t fail often, but they do fail. Please try again if you don’t hear from me within a few days.

P. O. Box 1018
Middlebury, VT 05753, USA

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