About Your Energy Work Treatment

Many people have questions before their first energy work session. I hope this will give you the information you desire. Feel free to call or email with additional questions. Also, see Energy Work in Brief for more details.

“Distant” or “remote” treatment clients: some of this information will be different for you. Make sure you read all the way through to the end, in order to find specific information about distant treatment.

Exactly what will happen?

There are several ways I work with energy. I can add energy, normalize your energy, or repair your energy system. I can use energy to stimulate healing of your physical body and its organs and systems. Sometimes I use a very light laying-on-of-hands, sometimes my hands hover over the body. What I do will depend on your needs. The types of energies and techniques used will vary. I use paranormal perception to look into your body in order to find out what’s causing your problem. For more detailed information about your energy system and how I can work with it, see “Energy Work—The Basics”.

Our time together will usually be about an hour and a half. Your first session will take longer because I will ask about your health history and lifestyle.

What about emergencies?

In an emergency or for an acute condition, I can do one or more brief,intense energy work sessions (5-15 minutes long). This can be very effective. It should be followed later by a full-length, whole-body treatment.

What should I do during the treatment?

Nothing at all. Just be sure you are very comfortable and can relax or even fall asleep. Let me know if you need to change position, stop for a bathroom break, get cold, or are in any way not completely comfortable.

What will it feel like?

There is a wide range in the way people perceive energy. Some people cannot feel energy moving into or through their bodies. Most people, however, feel something either immediately or eventually.

People often describe energy as feeling warm, loving, peaceful and relaxing, or tingling, energizing, pulsing, or bubbly. You may feel it in other ways, too. Our language does not have precise words for how energy feels, so it is difficult to describe. Some changes are easy to feel, and some are very deep and subtle. Even if you feel nothing, it is likely that the energy work is helping you.

Will it hurt?

Very rarely. If you have an injury and I add energy to it, you might feel a sort of pressure. If the energy pushes against blocks in your energy system, there might be a brief period of discomfort. If you have sadness or other feelings locked up inside you, the energy might free them and you might cry or feel strong emotions. This will last only a short time. Please let me know right away if you feel any discomfort.

Will I feel better immediately?

This varies with circumstances. Sometimes there is an immediate clearing of symptoms, or even of the cause of the symptoms. Other times the process is slower, requiring several sessions. With deep causes of longstanding duration, quite a few sessions may be required. It is important to remember that sometimes healing is required on many different levels. I may recommend you see a naturopathic physician, medical herbalist, chiropractor, or another kind of healthcare professional to get additional kinds of help.

How long will the effects last?

This varies a great deal. Some problems can be completely healed so that they will not recur. Some problems may come back, but with an additional session or two will be cured. Some kinds of problems will require a longer course of treatment. Sometimes people need additional help such as herbs, homeopathy, physical therapy, or other treatment in order to heal completely.

There are some problems which people have because of who they are, such as problems caused by how they handle stress or by psychological defenses. Some problems are created by people’s jobs; for example, doing physically repetitive motions, or the environment in which they work. These kinds of problems cannot be healed by simple energy work because they are being caused every day. You can get some relief, but the problems will return. In order to achieve permanent healing in these cases, our work together will include finding ways for you to alter the causes.

Are there any “side effects”?

Energy work in the way I use it cannot do harm. Be aware, however, that in energy work, as in other holistic therapies, “healing responses” occur for some people. These can take various forms. The most common is to have a flushing or release of toxins from your body after a treatment. This may bring symptoms similar to having a cold or mild flu, such as a runny nose or mild diarrhea. The flushing might include your emotions, which could bring unusual dreams or moods. These kinds of responses to energy work are healthy and beneficial. They usually last only a day or two, especially if, knowing them to be good, you welcome them and care for yourself appropriately.

Another kind of healing response is a sort of reliving of your physical history. For example, an old injury may begin hurting again, or you may have symptoms of a disease you had years before. This is a sign that the energy work is clearing out the remaining vestiges of these conditions. Again, it will usually last only a day or two.

Healing responses are good. Please let me know if they occur, as we may want to adjust our work together because of what they tell us.

Can you heal me?

You and I are partners in your improving health. It is not my purpose to “fix” you, nor is it possible. I provide the means by which your own natural healing mechanisms become able to function fully again, thus restoring (and then maintaining) health.

Another way you participate is by your intention. You do not have to “believe in” energy work for it to help you, but you must accept the possibility that it can.

Also, I often ask clients to do self-care “homework,” in order to enhance the effects of the energy work session. Self-care may take as little as five minutes a day or may be more involved, depending on your needs, abilities, and interest.

Course of treatment (“well + 1”)

The course of treatment continues until you are completely well, plus one more treatment. This is to ensure that you have a reserve of health, so that you don’t relapse immediately when stressed.

Cancellation & payment policies

All services for individuals are on a love offering basis. This means there is no set fee for treatment; you decide if and how much you will pay, trade or barter. You don’t need to give me any reasons or explanations. I do ask, however, that if you need your treatment to be free, you tell me that when you make the appointment.

I require cancellation notice at least 24 hours before your appointment, or by Friday for a Monday appointment, by telephone rather than by email. This will enable me to give someone else your appointment time. (I frequently have a waiting list.) I will confirm your cancellation (possibly by email). If you don’t hear back from me within a few hours, please call again. It is essential that I confirm your cancellation, because sometimes (though rarely) voice mail doesn’t work properly.

If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, I’ll ask you to make a love offering for the missed appointment, as it will be too late for me to give your spot to anyone else.

For Remote Treatment Clients:

If possible, I prefer video calls. I currently use Skype and FaceTime. If you don’t do video calls, we will talk on the telephone before and right after the treatment. Either way, we are not on the phone during the treatment unless there is a need. If phoning is not easy, we will communicate by email before and after the session.

I would appreciate receiving a photo of you ahead of time, by mail or email. It should be recent, include your whole body if possible, and have no person or animal touching you or behind you.

Our time together will usually be about an hour. Our first session will take longer because I will ask about your health history and lifestyle.

What should I do during the treatment?

Recline or lie down. Be sure you are very comfortable and can relax or even fall asleep. Listen to soft, relaxing music, or let it be quiet. Don’t watch television, talk with people, read, or work. Just be still, the same way you would if I were working with you in person. Either before or afterwards, drink a full glass of water.

Please do not have any animals in your lap or touching you. Animals are very attracted to energy work and often wish to lie on someone receiving energy. Animals, and other people, should be at least six feet away from you.

If you become very uncomfortable during the treatment, call me right away.

Am I imagining it or are you actually doing something?   How can this possibly work?

Physicists and parapsychologists are having a wonderful time trying to figure out how non-local healing works. They have measured it! There is some good research now which actually proves that remote treatment can cause or accelerate healing.

Some people think “distant” energy work is the same thing as prayer. This does not have to be the case. Energy work can be done without any spiritual or religious elements, and praying for someone can be done without using any energy work techniques. Depending on your needs and desires, I can use either one by itself, or combine them. I have found that doing some of each is the most effective way for me to help people.

If you want to read some of the theories about how non-local healing works, see Distant Treatment: Theories About Sending Healing Energies. In addition, I highly recommend The Field, by Lynne McTaggart. This book is a highly readable explanation of the latest scientific research about energy fields, healing, and the nature of life on our planet.

Cancellation & Payment Policies

Please see above for cancellation policies. Send your love offering to me at P.O. Box 1018, Middlebury, VT 05753. If you tell me you will be sending something and I don’t receive anything within a few weeks, I will call or send an email asking you about it in order to find out if it has been lost in the mail. That sometimes happens, and lost letters can be traced by the post office. If nothing arrives after that time, I will not send a second email or any kind of a bill. I trust you.

I look forward to our time together. If you have additional questions, please ask!

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