Electromagnetic Protection Devices

In May of 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified radio-frequency radiation from all sources, including cell phones and Wi-Fi, as a “Possible Human Carcinogen” (Class 2B). This acknowledges the serious risks to human health from electromagnetic radiation. However, some scientists say this classification, which only references risk for one type of cancer, is still not strong enough, and that it should be classified as a “Probable Human Carcinogen” (Class 2A) based on the existing science.

A CMO is a “Compensatory Magnetic Oscillator”

It is your protection against radiation from:


Computers & Tablets


Wifi & Bluetooth emissions

Electronic devices

High Tension Lines

Hybrid Car & Airplane radiation

Geo-biological radiation

I bought one of these devices for my cellphone and it worked for 15 years! I replaced it then because I liked the shape of the newer model. There is no telling how long the old one would have continued to work. Before I got the device, I got a headache if I was on the phone for a long time, which I often am with clients. With the device, I have been on the phone for long periods of time, even over two hours, and have had no problems at all. After trying one for my computer, and the Harmony one for my home, I researched the company that made the devices and began to offer them to my clients at a discount. 

Here’s what two recent customers have told me:

“Previous to getting the CMO I saw flashing lights around my desktop on occasion, especially after long periods at the computer. Since using the CMO I am no longer bothered by flashing lights and headaches and I am more comfortable at the computer.” (GF, Florida)

“Previous to the CMO, I used to feel like the volume of my mobile phone was too loud, creating such discomfort that I had to move my phone away from my ear. Since putting the CMO on my phone, I have not felt the discomfort any more. Recently, I had to change my mobile phone, and did not have the CMO attached to my new phone for a few days. Without the CMO, I started having the same discomfort I had before. Once I attached the CMO to my new phone, the discomfort disappeared!” (YD, Washington)

Individual CMO devices:

PC ZONE: for your computer: Protection against electromagnetic radiation from computers.

EASY CALL: for cellular telephones and tablets

Protection against electromagnetic radiation from cellphones, tablets, Wifi & Bluetooth emissions, & CDMA cellphones

TRAVELLER: for your pocket, desk or dashboard

Your personal bubble of protection. Includes all the protections of the Harmony cone, plus protection from radiation inside cars and planes. This is especially important if you drive a hybrid vehicle.

HARMONY: Whole Home Protection

Protection against every kind of electromagnetic radiation except from devices which touch the body, such as cellphones and computers. Comes in two sizes: regular and extra-strong for larger areas or intense electromagnetic environments.

Protected area for the regular size: 32 feet in every direction, including up and down, for a total coverage of 1,300 square feet. Extends through walls.

AIRCALL: Protection from headphone/earbud radiation directly into the brain

Prevents three types of radiation that come from standard headphones and earbuds. Keeps emissions far enough away that they cannot impact ears and brain function. Comes in black or white.

For total health coverage you should have:

One Easy Call for each cellphone, tablet, and iPad
One Aircall set of earbuds for each family member who uses headphones or earbuds
One PC Zone for each computer, including laptops and minis
One Harmony cone for your home
One Traveller to take with you when you leave the house

To move a CMO from an old device to a new one:

When you replace a device, it is easy to move the CMO: Take a simple nylon thread, slide it between the CMO and the device, and shear the adhesive pads off in order to loosen the CMO delicately. You can get new adhesive pads from an office supply or hardware store. To ensure better adhesion, the surface of the CMO should be clean and smooth. Remove traces of the old adhesive with 70° alcohol. Once the area is clean and dry, attach the CMO to the new device.

CAUTION: Never attempt to remove a CMO by pulling or using a knife to peel it off. You risk weakening the seal between the two metal parts enclosing the active solution.

For more information:

There are informational videos on the COMOSystems Facebook page.
There is a lot of information, including the science underlying the devices, on the COMOSystems USA distributor’s website.

To order with a discount:

Click on the ad below. At check-out, put in the coupon code SHULA10.

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