Energy Body Charts

A full-color, two-page diagram of the Energy Body is now available in hard copy (there are only a few left) or as a digital file. It includes a graphic representation of the energy system as Barbara Clearbridge sees it. You have several energy systems in your body; this is the one which includes chakras and meridians.

Small samples of the charts are below. The colors on your screen may not be the same as the colors on the hard copy charts, as computer monitors display colors differently. The hard copy colors are as precise as a printing shop could make them and still have the diagrams be affordable. They are not perfectly accurate, but they are close.

The diagrams are available by donation, plus shipping costs for hard copy. Shipping is $3.00 in the US and $4 to Canada. For shipping rates in other countries, contact Barbara. To order, see bottom of this page.

To order hard copy, send contact information, check, phone number, and details of your order to:

Peace Eagle Publications
2407 Secane Rd.
Secane, PA 19018

For the digital version, contact Barbara Home