Energy Work Classes & Workshops

Therapeutic Touch

Learn a simple energy work technique developed by nurses for home and hospital use. This 15-minute treatment is effective for injuries, healing after surgery, relaxation, pain relief, indigestion, insomnia, and many other health needs. Hospital uses include pain relief, wound healing, emergency care, post-operative care and trauma care.

Therapeutic Touch does not include massage. There is no manipulation of the body or pressure on the body, and recipients are fully dressed. Therapeutic Touch is most effective for helping others, rather than for self-healing, but some self-healing can be done. No experience is needed, just an adventurous spirit!

The workshop includes the principles of energy work: how and why it works, basic skills (learned through individual exercises and pairwork), and the technique itself.

4-hour class with optional second class for certification, along with optional follow-up practice sessions.

Heal With Your Hands — Level 1

Includes First Degree Reiki

In two fascinating days of training, learn to bring energy into your hands to heal yourself and others. You will learn basic skills and beginning techniques, understand the principles of the science behind energy work, and get lots of hands-on practice.

One of the techniques taught, called Reiki, is a natural healing method from Japan which most people find easy to do and very effective. It is used for both physical and emotional healing and for maintaining good health. Students will complete the beginning level of Reiki, called First Degree.

12 hours of training with optional follow-up practice sessions.

Heal With Your Hands — Level 2

Includes Second Degree Reiki

Amplify your ability to heal with energy and learn to do remote healing. Learn energy work techniques for mental and emotional balance and health, and expand your ability to perceive. The workshop includes Second Degree Reiki.

12 hours of training with optional follow-up practice sessions.

Third Degree (Master level) Reiki

Third Degree, the Master level of Reiki, includes increasing your abilities to heal, learning to empower others through the attunement process, professional practice issues (if needed), learning to teach Reiki (optional), receiving a Third Degree attunement to increase your healing power, and other topics and techniques by request. On your application form, you can specify additional areas you’d like to cover.

The reason everyone learns the attunement technique with which to empower others, even if they don’t intend to teach, is because the process of practicing this technique enlarges the energy system, greatly increasing how much energy your meridians can carry, which makes you far more powerful than if you don’t learn it.

Learning or not learning the attunement procedure is one of the ways traditional Reiki splits from modern shortened versions where one can become a “Reiki master practitioner” without learning it, instead of a “Reiki Master Teacher.” Originally there was no such distinction; everyone learned how to do attunements as part of the training to become a “Reiki Master.” There were good reasons for that traditional way, and I keep to it. Also, the First Degree attunement procedure can be done as a treatment modality, though this is very rare.

You can use your increased Third Degree power to add Reiki into any other energy work or bodywork techniques you may use, and for your own self-treatment.

Usually Third Degree Reiki training begins with a Friday night and half of Saturday. Then if students feel they can master the material by the next day, we conclude on Sunday afternoon. Often more time is needed, so we meet again the next Friday night and/or Saturday or Sunday to finish up. That’s usually sufficient, though it can take longer if students need more time.

To register for Third Degree Reiki, you must have completed First and Second Degree Reiki in the Usui tradition. An application is required to help Barbara plan the class to cover a possible wide variation in experience and training among the participants.

For Energy Work Professionals:

the All-Purpose Diagnostic and Treatment Technique

If you are experienced in hands-on energy work with clients, this powerful, whole-body ki / qi and Earth Energy technique can be a great approach. It was developed by Roslyn Bruyère, adapted by Barbara Brennan, and modified and expanded by Barbara Clearbridge during her 25 years of use with clients with a wide variety of needs. If you can perceive energy, you can use this technique to optimize energy centers and meridians throughout the body, and treat the Central Channel and external energy fields. It is also diagnostic—revealing where further healing is needed.

The workshop includes plenty of hands-on practice, as all participants will both give and receive the treatment. Non-professional energy work practitioners with sufficient experience and the ability to sense energies are also welcome.

4.5 hours of training with optional follow-up practice sessions.

Healing the Energy Field

Learn to perceive and heal the energy field (aura) of your clients. This class is designed for people with Intermediate Level skills and above.
One 3-hour class

Fees & Registration

All classes for individuals are on a love offering basis (you determine your payment).

For further information of any kind, contact Barbara.

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