What Is Energy Work?

If you hurt your finger, what’s the first thing you do? You hold it with your other hand. And if your stomach hurts? You put your hands on it. Why? Because your hands naturally direct healing energies. An energy worker is skilled in “running” large amounts of energies through her hands, to bring healing and balance.

People in nearly 100 cultures around the world include energy work in their health care. Some techniques, such as acupuncture and Reiki, are thousands of years old. Others are more modern, such as Therapeutic Touch and acupressure.

Some of the effects reported by energy work clients are:

  • Healing of chronic and acute physical conditions
  • Emotional balance
  • Clear thinking
  • Pain relief
  • Trauma recovery
  • Reduction of side effects of medications
  • Stress relief
  • Getting free of addictions
  • Regeneration of self-worth and sense of purpose
  • Maintenance of good health and sense of well-being
  • Support for the process of dying

How Does It Work?

One reason energy work has such powerful effects is because it restores health to the energy system, one of a variety of inter-related systems which contribute to our overall health. Though we are more familiar with other systems, such as the nervous system and the digestive system, the energy system is equally important. If it is out of balance, weak or damaged, problems will develop in the other systems.

Another reason energy work heals is because the entire body is actually made of energy. The atoms which form the body are made of moving particles with different electrical charges. So though the body appears physically solid, every cell is actually in motion: part of an energy wave. Modern medicine has accepted that electromagnetic energies are integral to our bodies.  Examples of treatments and diagnostics using these energies are:  MRI’s, ultra-sound, EKG’s, EEG’s, TENS, radiation therapies, and CAT scans.

Energy work heals by impacting the rhythms, frequencies, wavelengths and electrical charges of the vibrating energy waves which form the body. Different techniques accomplish this in different ways.

What Energies Are Used In Energy Work?

Energies used for healing come from the earth, the sun, the air, and a variety of other sources. The most well-known kind is called “universal life force energy,” or, in other cultures, ki, chi, and prana. This is the energy that animates every living thing. Each type of energy has its own specific qualities. How they are used depends on the clientÂ’’s need—each energy work treatment is unique.

What Happens During A Treatment?

The energy worker holds her hands on or above various areas of your body. Her touch is light and gentle—no pressure or manipulation is used. You are fully clothed, either sitting or lying down. Most sessions for adults last about an hour; childrenÂ’’s treatments are shorter.

Each session may feel different to you, varying with your needs and condition. Some sessions are relaxing, some stimulating, some may bring emotional release or new understanding. Overall, people describe treatments as feeling “wonderful.” Please note that sometimes symptoms intensify for a while during the healing process.

Typical Course of Treatment

Headache, minor injury: 1 session
Moderate injury, cold, flu, minor illness: 1 to 3 sessions within same week
Major illness, major surgery, chronic illness, emotional disturbances, trauma recovery, toxic drug use: Daily sessions until condition is under control, then reduce gradually; extra sessions during times of particular need.

How Does Energy Work Fit In With My Doctor's Care?

Energy work is completely complementary to all types of medical care. In fact, some hospitals are now prescribing Therapeutic Touch or Reiki as part of routine nursing care.

How Does Energy Work Combine With Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy and energy work go extremely well together to bring complete emotional healing. Both treatments reveal underlying emotional issues. Energy work also clears the effects of trauma from all systems in the body, and can provide new ways of handling stress. Psychotherapy brings insight and conscious understanding to enable people to reconcile the past and find new ways of thinking and relating to others. Using both types of treatment greatly speeds the healing process because you are working on conscious, subconscious, and physical levels simultaneously.

It is best to work with a professional energy worker and a professional psychotherapist who are willing to consult together. The depth of training required in both fields makes it difficult for one person to fulfill both functions.

Is Energy Work the Same As Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is unrelated to the science of the electromagnetic nature of the body and the presence of an energy system. During spiritual healing, divine agents and energies work through the practitioner to bring healing to the client. Like the healing power of prayer, a great part of spiritual healing is not yet understood. It is a sacred experience outside our usual limits of time and space.

Spiritual healing can also mean going beyond illness of the body and mind to illness of the spirit—healing issues such as personal meaning, self-acceptance, and life purpose.

For Further Information or Appointment

Energy work treatment and spiritual healing are available through office visits, house calls, and hospital or nursing home visits. “Remote” treatments (not requiring practitioner and client to be together) are also offered. All treatments are on a love offering basis.

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