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Barbara Clearbridge, M.Div., uses laying-on-of-hands for a broad range of needs, including physical and emotional healing, serious disease, trauma recovery, addictions, and mysterious or stubborn problems. She works with children, adults, and animals. Barbara is called a “medical intuitive” because she can see, feel, sense or in other ways discern the cause of problems inside the body. These skills guide her treatments.

Barbara has worked with healing energies for over 25 years. She began while a professional musician, using the power of musical energy to heal. In 1986 she went hands-off the piano and hands-on the client, doing energy work directly through touch. In 1991, Barbara began her study of breath energies, and in 1993 she began teaching energy work classes. A few years later she began offering apprenticeships.

Barbara has received Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch training through the Holistic Nurses’ Association. She is a Reiki Master in the Usui Healing Tradition, and has studied other techniques with private teachers.  Barbara is the author of four books: Natural First Aid & Simple Health Solutions, Heal With Your Hands (Beginning Energy Work Techniques for Helping Yourself & Others, including a complete guide to Reiki), Recovery: Women’s Words About Healing After Trauma, and Finding God, By Learning How to Pray. She has also written articles on diverse health care topics, including non-toxic cancer treatments and adjunctive treatments.

Barbara was ordained as a minister in a non-traditional, interfaith congregation in 1994. Her religious affiliation now is Quaker.

Barbara offers energy work, spiritual healing, lectures, workshops, classes, and apprenticeships on a love offering basis around the United States and overseas.


Workshops & Classes Taught Include:

Natural First Aid & Simple Health Solutions
Healthy Living
Intro. to Hands-on Healing
Intro. to Alternative & Complementary Healing
Therapeutic Touch
Heal With Your Hands, levels 1, 2, 3
Reiki, all levels
Energy Work for Daily Living
Come To Your Senses!
Guides & Inner Wisdom
Relieving Stress & Insomnia

Clients served include:

Swedish Medical Center
Jefferson General Hospital
Peninsula College
Angeles Physical Therapy Services
Arthritis Foundation Support Group
American Association of University Women
Brentwood Nursing Home
Hospice Volunteer Services
North Shore Senior Center

Work Experience

Full-time medical intuitive, energy work and spiritual healing practice including treatments for people and animals (and an occasional plant and building), workshops and apprenticeships, 1993–present

Reiki Practitioner, The Reiki Centre, 100 Mile House, B.C., Canada, 1993

Work with music as a healing modality, Chicago and Seattle, 1978–1993

Classical singer, voice and piano teacher, composer, Chicago and Seattle, 1968–1986


Natural First Aid & Simple Health Solutions
Self-published book, 2010

Finding God / Prayers & Spiritual Practices from Many Traditions
Self-published book, 2002; rev. 2018

Recovery / Women’s Words About Healing After Trauma
Self-published book, 1996, rev. 2006, 2017

Heal With Your Hands / Beginning Energy Work Techniques for Helping Yourself & Others, including a complete guide to Reiki
Self-published book, 1995; rev. 2014

“Effective Non-Toxic Treatments For Cancer Are Available—If You Leave North America”
Self-published report, 2001

“Checklist for Choosing A Holistic Practitioner”
The Wellness Directory, premier issue, 1998

“Energy Work—The Basics”
“Summaries of Research Results for Therapeutic Touch, Laying-on-of-Hands Healing and Reiki”
Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients, April, 1998

Second and Third Degree Reiki Manuals

Many other healthcare articles, 1994–2016

Education & Study

Areas of special expertise:   

Trauma and abuse recovery including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, autism in children, environmental allergies, chronic fatigue, cancer

Study of a variety of energy work, breathwork and spiritual healing techniques including Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Healing Hands, and others, various teachers, 1986–2006

Healing Science Seminar, Barbara Brennan School of Healing, 1995

M.Div., Almeda University, Boise, Idaho


Therapeutic Touch, Holistic Nurses’ Association

Healing Hands, Level 1, Holistic Nurses’ Association

Reiki Master, Usui Tradition

Professional Affiliations

Spiritual Directors International