Success Stories & Professional Recommendations

Barbara Clearbridge’s methods have been successful with conditions as widely diverse as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, asthma, cancer, tics, fear of flying, back pain, sensory problems after a head injury, depression, autism in children, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Parkinson’s Disease. She uses laying-on-of-hands for a broad range of needs including simple wounds, serious disease, trauma and abuse recovery, addictions, and mysterious or stubborn problems. She also works with animals.

Clients also come to her to maintain good health, to find pleasure or purpose again in life, and to ease the process of dying. Feel free to inquire about your particular needs.

Here are a sampling of words from her clients and students, followed by recommendations from health care professionals.

“The M.S. doctor checked me out yesterday and everything was fine. She joked, ‘Are you sure you have M.S.?’ She asked me when I’d see you again and said, ‘Tell her to keep on doing whatever she's doing.’ She didn’t even believe in your work when I first told her about you! There are few people age 62 with M.S. who are doing as well as I am and it’s because of you. You saved me.

“My diabetes is completely under control, too, my blood sugar was 90 this morning before breakfast. I can’t even imagine what my health would be without you! Thank you!” D.E.

“My blood pressure has stabilized for the first time in three years! Nothing else has helped! It went from 200 to 123/60.” E.P.

“When I went for the biopsy, the tumor was gone.” P.H.

“I feel upgraded!” R.K.

“A thank you is less than adequate for my session with you—please feel what my heart is trying to say. Your revelations have given me the power and courage to take a few more steps! Direction, too.” P.H. (“stuck,” wanting life change)

“My son’s asthma never came back. He can play soccer now!” E.S.

“I have had the most amazing ten days of my life. I can’t believe the difference your treatment has made. My wife said to tell you she is very, very pleased to have her man back. She told me this is how I used to be.” R.W.

“Inside my head, it's getting all sparkly....the black inside my head is turning white.” 11-year-old with A.D.D.

“My sore wrist was completely well the following day! Wow—I was so impressed...and grateful.... So far the diarrhea is still almost completely gone and I continue to feel stronger every day.” L.W.

“Thank you very much for a wonder-filled weekend. The book is amazing.” R.W. about a workshop

“He is drinking liquids now and eating mushed up foods. His energy is good. He feels he is constantly improving, getting better on a daily basis. Because he is able to drink and eat now he is feeling very positive. Before all this the doctors and nurses told us he would never be able to drink and eat so his recovery to this stage has been a miracle.

“Thank you Barbara. I definitely believe what you have been doing has played the biggest part in his recovery.” N.A.

“Dear Ms. Clearbridge, I just had to write to tell you that I cannot thank you enough for the tremendous results of the ‘energy’ treatments you gave me. As you recall, I had fallen and my eyesight had been affected (I had double vision) and also my sense of smell and taste were gone. After the treatments I could feel the sense of smell and taste, which amazed me, and my vision was almost back to normal. I was so surprised at the results!

“I went back to my doctor and told him what had happened. He was so surprised and pleased at the great rate of healing.

“Please let me know when you will be in this area again.” F.S.

“I’m sleeping without pills for the first time in 3 years.” E.P.

“At long last the medical profession has come up with what is wrong with me. The next bit you are going to smile at, the cardiologist told me that my heart muscles are too thick and rigid. Funny, my other health professional from across the other side of the world [Barbara] told me this information without taking what is left of my blood to do it.” R.W.

“When he went back to the doctor, the tumor was smaller and softer. The doctor said that now it was encapsulated, and he could easily remove it with surgery. Before he had said surgery probably wouldn't work.” Friend of P.L.

“I want to let you know how much I value the therapy you have provided for me. Although I do not have a serious illness, I suffered from an emotional “stalling” in my life. Through my work with you I was able to clear the problems that were preventing my mental health from improving.” C.H.

“Many thanks for the medical intuitive services you offer. You see and heal so much. I appreciate and am grateful for all the small or large signs that are filling me with vitality and joy. Blessings.” I.V.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop. I enjoyed it so very much. You have helped me tremendously.” J.R.

“I feel great! Two weeks ago I could hardly drag myself in here!” C.D.

“I miss you a lot....I wish I could find someone like you here. Maybe it’s because you’re not ‘fluffy’—I really feel that what you say and do is very tangible.” J.B.

“The improvement in eyesight is fabulous!” A.O.

“Dear Barbara, I came to you desperate for help with my Attention Deficit son. His hyperactivity was wearing his father and I out. We had become impatient and feared that we would have to raise his dosage level of the medicine, Ritalin, he was taking. He also had built up such terrible anxieties over bees that he wouldn’t go outside. The regular medical world had no answer or treatment for these anxieties. And that is why we came to you.

“I just wanted to write you to thank you for the Reiki treatments you gave to my son. Although he is on Ritalin, he really responded well to the treatment. Not only did it relax him, allowing him to go longer times between dosages, but also it took a lot of his anxieties away. He liked it also and said that it was calming to him. The other treatment that you administered to him helped him get over his fear of bees.

“Reiki is definitely a wonderful alternative method of treating someone who is hyperactive with anxieties. Thank you so much for your ‘energy.’ We are true believers!” M.C.

“I have Multiple Sclerosis. Fatigue, both physical and mental, are difficult aspects with which to deal. Energy work helps both, as well as periodically lessening other symptoms. Daily self help (Reiki) and consistent work by Barbara Clearbridge is important in maintaining the quality of my life.” D.M.

“You’re better than Lorazipam.” E.B. about relief from anxiety

“Barbara Clearbridge literally brought my good friend from the brink of death on two occasions. He was suffering from diabetes, lymphoma, and had water on his lungs. Barbara treated him long distance when he was in a coma, and right after his operation. In spite of the fact he stated he did not believe in such treatments, he has recovered to a remarkable extent for an 83-year-old man. He no longer has to take shots for his diabetes and has had no recurrence of lymphoma since his cure eight months ago.

“In addition, during one of Barbara’s healing seminars, a pupil completely cured a sore shoulder with which I had been suffering for over a year. Barbara informed me the arthritis which I previously thought was there, was not the case. I immediately stopped taking my nightly pain killers and there has been no recurrence of the sore shoulder. I highly recommend Barbara’s energy treatments for a non-invasive form of healing.” D.H.

“I first met Rev. Clearbridge in her class in Therapeutic Touch, held in 1997. Her treatments were very helpful, and her instruction in self-help techniques led to an overall improvement in my health.

“I have been diagnosed with hereditary co-proporphyria (HCP) and had several acute episodes requiring emergency intravenous treatments in the two years prior to studying with Rev. Clearbridge. There is no medical intervention to prevent porphyrias...which can be life-threatening. I had been quite ill for years.

“I took the energy healing classes in an effort to improve my own health, as Rev. Clearbridge had several articles on studies showing improvements in hemoglobin and hematocrit counts after Therapeutic Touch and Reiki sessions. As a teacher, Rev. Clearbridge maintained a professional demeanor without making any specific claims. I received very clear and able instruction in the techniques of hands-on-healing. I studied Reiki in 1997 and more advanced instruction in 1998.

“From the day I began to this date [August, 2000], I have not had another significant attack of HCP. My ongoing symptoms of bowel dysfunction, complete physical exhaustion, skin discoloration, joint pains and liver tenderness disappeared over a six-month period.

“Other areas affected by the energy work I received from Rev. Clearbridge and performed on myself included reduced swelling and pain in a frozen shoulder, so an anti-inflammatory drug wasn't necessary. My symptoms of carpal tunnel were greatly improved. I was surprised at the degree to which I was able to influence my basic health and environmental sensitivities....The disturbing symptoms of chemical sensitivity have significantly lessened.

“It seems to me that energy work has the power to significantly improve health and decrease medical costs by preventing critical illness and hospital care and treatments. In my case, it has allowed me to return to higher functioning and given me the opportunity to work again.” Althea Godfrey, Poulsbo, Washington, US (from a letter and a published article)

“Hi, This is S. We met for the first time today. I am so blown away by my experience with you and your awesome gift. I feel as though finding you and being on the receiving end of your healing hands is the ‘break’ I’ve been searching for—it affirmed and put words and understanding to things I’ve been feeling for so long. I feel like myself, I feel alive. Before our session, for a very long time—the only way I could explain the way I was feeling was that my mind, body and soul did not feel connected any more. I cried because I felt like you took a step in ‘fixing’ that problem. And I didn’t know if it could ever be recognized, let alone touched. And I am forever grateful for that time with you. I can say in all honesty that that was the most amazing experience of my life. Thank you and God bless.” S.F.

Work with Autism

April 25: “I wanted to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help. Thank you so much. I don’t want to overwhelm you, but I can truly say that this morning a light of long-awaited hope was lit for us.”

April 27: “He’s much better, he’s trying to speak. He wants to eat solid food! He understands more and more.”

May 15: “He’s extraordinarily better. He’s saying more words and sentences and there’s been no autistic behavior!”

June 14: “He’s more interactive, more enthusiastic, happier. He ran around outside exploring for an hour, he had no fear.”

Sept. 5: “He’s a pleasure to have around.”

Sept. 26: “He’s doing amazingly! Says hello to all the kids at the playground!”

E.E and F.B. about their 2-year old autistic son

“Her times of affection last longer, other people are noticing. She’s doing fantastic at school, she’s more secure, more social. She’s much less aggressive and much happier.”

Six months later: “Lately she has initiated going to the bathroom on her own and a desire to be a ‘big girl.’ Additionally, her mood is more stable, upbeat and showing amazing signs of cognitive improvement that doctors and clinicians remarked on this week. It is an exciting time of growth for her.”

L.R. about her 3-year old daughter (autistic, temper tantrums)

November: “He calmed down in the first five minutes [of treatment] and gave me a big, warm hug! There’s a huge change, I’m so encouraged. He’s so much sweeter to his sister.”

January: “There’s only a little OCD behavior now.”

February: “His language is a lot better. He almost doesn’t qualify now for speech therapy.”

May: “There’s a huge improvement. He has a lot of restraint. He’s growing up cognitively. He’s sleeping well and isn’t frightened by much.”

L.R. about her 5-year old son (autistic, obsessive-compulsive, ADHD, mood disorder, violent)

“September: I told our naturopath what you found. She agrees with you that my son is struggling in the adrenal and thyroid areas. He will be taking [a supplement]. THANK YOU!

November: His supplement list was hugely downsized today after seeing his doc. Also, he wasn’t testing for B-12 for the first time in six years. He is no longer needing iron supplements. Another change was that he no longer needs antivirals. Dr. P and I are floored! The only thing I have done differently is add you, Barbara! Incredible! Dr. P. asked for your contact information, she was so impressed. He is also talking more. His social language is still catching up, but I love how he talks often.”

B.B. about her 8-year old autistic son

Work with Animals

“He is behaving quite differently already, it’s quite amazing, he is just so much more settled and content.” M.H. about her horse

“I have definitely noticed changes since you worked on him. He is not as spooky and not running away like before without having a look at things. He’s not aggressive now with horses he doesn’t know. The little lumps on his back are going away.

“The other day...within five minutes he was settled and enjoying himself. I threw the lead rope over his back and he just walked along beside me and when I stopped to call the dogs (who had gone into the trees) he stopped. Then I walked on a bit and did it again to test him and he did it again. He didn’t want to go anywhere and every time he stopped right beside me, waiting. Then we went down to the bus shelter to get a parcel and I thought this should be interesting because he doesn’t like bus shelters much. Well, he walked up to it without hesitation and didn’t even worry when I got the parcel. Normally I would have had to struggle to hold him or else tie him up while I got it. So the moral of the story is your wonderful work has certainly worked on him! Thank you for both of us!

“He will go in the horse float, it’s a major breakthrough. I think it’s amazing.” S.L. about her horse

“WOW! I have to tell you both dogs started feeling better right away! They are both in good spirits this morning as well! I am so thankful your name was passed along to me! I am so happy!!! Thanks so much!” K.L. about her dogs

“P has more of an appetite. Seems happier. For this I am very grateful. To see this little bird gulping down food is a miracle after months of not much real interest....He is much happier and well-adjusted. More singing and chatty. Wants to play more. Had plucked out a few breast feathers but stopped that behavior. African grays are known to do this when stressed, like nail biting, and once the habit is firmly established it is virtually impossible to stop. Well this was nipped in the bud!!!!!” J.S. about her parrot

“Your diagnosis of my cat was most helpful before and after surgery. Western medicine can only go so far. The blood test results after your treatments showed that the ratio of red blood cells was incredibly high, given where it was when I first took him in for his mouth-bleeding. The vet was incredulous at the results. I’m convinced my cat would be a goner right now, instead of happily sitting on the porch in the sunshine, were it not for your clarity of vision and ability to help his body heal.” I.W. about her cat

“My cat who you helped last year is doing amazingly well. He still has a limp in the back legs but he doesn’t fall over all the time, he tries to climb, he’s eating again. I was saying your name last week while petting him, saying you helped heal him and he’d keep turning around, looking, and letting out big meows when I said your name! I really believe he knows you. I am happy he’s doing so well.” K.C. about her cat

Recommendations from Healthcare Professionals

“I can highly recommend Barbara Clearbridge as a teacher and as an energy worker/healer. Barbara is thoroughly well-versed and skilled in numerous aspects of energy diagnosis and healing. I am personally familiar with her work as a Reiki instructor, and as a chakra healer. I am a naturopathic doctor who has been in practice for 13 years, and have felt very comfortable referring clients to Barbara for specific treatments, and have always received very positive feedback from these clients both in terms of Barbara’s impeccable ethics and in terms of their results health-wise. As an instructor, Barbara is well-prepared and organized, and presents material with clarity and enthusiasm.” Linda Showler, ND, Washington, US

“I am writing this letter to state my appreciation and respect for the abilities of Barbara Clearbridge as a teacher and practitioner of energy work.

“Barbara donated her time for the Jefferson General Hospital Community Forum. Her presentation conveyed in-depth knowledge of various types of energy work used in diagnosis, pain relief and healing. She displayed her warmth and enthusiasm for demonstrating and teaching principals of Therapeutic Touch and Reiki. By the end of the evening, Barbara clearly conveyed to all in the audience that we could learn and apply energy work in our professional practices as well as our personal lives.

“I intend to attend Barbara’s workshops and continue learning energy work principals.” Nancy Schmidt, RN, BSN, Director of Wellness Programs, Jefferson General Hospital, Washington, US

“Dear Barbara, I am writing to thank you for teaching the Therapeutic Touch class sponsored by the Pain Clinic at Swedish Medical Center this year. I have taken other Therapeutic Touch classes in the past, most recently one in a university setting. However, I never felt like I had enough knowledge to use Therapeutic Touch in my nursing practice. Since your class I have felt confident in my ability to use Therapeutic Touch to assist my patients. Your clarity of instruction and the supportive environment of your class were invaluable to developing my skills.

“I am sending out the fliers for the next class scheduled in October and expect to get a good response from both nursing staff and physicians.” Debra Jacobus, RN, BSN, Swedish Medical Center, Washington, US

“I have been treated by Barbara for over three years which has encompassed periods of increased stress and change in what might be defined as an already high demand, fast-paced life.

“My intent in seeking her help was two-fold: to clear energy imbalances or blocks within my physical and energetic bodies for wellness care, and to become aware and responsive to energy flow within myself.

“Barbara has accomplished the first goal beautifully, helping me maintain a high level of functioning. She also taught me quite easily how to assess and balance my energy via explanations, feedback on my own assessments, and “homework” exercises.

“She is straightforward and honest in her teaching and loves to help others become proficient. I have referred several patients to her and she has been most helpful to them, from allaying their concerns regarding a paradigm new to their experience, to respecting their varied belief systems, to helping them with their presenting problem. Put simply, she is very professional, caring and skillful.” Janel M. Carlson, D.C., Washington, US

“Dear Barbara, On behalf of the Women’s Health Issues Group of the American Association of University Women, I wish to personally thank you for the excellent program you presented to our membership.

“Your program generated a lot of interest, and the participation by the audience indicated the degree of attention, and the enjoyment they got from your presentation.” Grace Chawes, AAUW, Washington, US

“My name is Galen Cables, and I am writing this letter to recommend Barbara Clearbridge as a teacher and practitioner of Reiki, and as a healer.

“I first became aware of Barbara when a business associate of mine was excited about a Reiki class. She was planning to attend, and encouraged me to attend as well. I decided to attend, hoping for a good class, not a scam. I felt qualified to detect a scam, as I had studied various aspects of metaphysics, as a hobby, for more than twenty years, and was a certified Reiki practitioner. The class was so well and gently taught, that everyone learned, each to his or her own capacity.

“I was so impressed with Barbara that when I became ready to become a Second Degree Reiki practitioner, I went to her, instead of my old teacher, for my training. As good as my old instructor was, and she was very good, I found Barbara brought an extra level of understanding and sensitivity to the teaching process.

“After a year and a half of practice as a Second Degree Reiki practitioner, I went back to Barbara and received my training as a Reiki Master.

“Being a bodyworker myself, I have become very aware of the interactions, both physiological and psychological, that happen between a therapist and a client. I have watched Barbara work on others, and have had her work on me. It is my opinion that she has the knowledge and technical expertise needed to be a competent teacher and practitioner. More importantly, she has that something extra that truly makes her a Healer. I highly recommend her.” G.S. Cables, Washington, US

“I met Barbara while she was in New Zealand and did an energy healing workshop with her which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have been involved with horses all my life and I’m currently a natural therapist for horses, which involves massage, aromatherapy, acupressure and other therapies. I had a problem child—my horse Robbie, a 7-year-old Irish draught C thoroughbred. I have had him for nearly five years and he had always had a confidence issue, among other interesting ‘traits’! I had tried all sorts of different things with Robbie and while he improved over the years, he still had his issues. My partner and I have never had anything to do with a horse quite like him.

“I sent Barbara a photo of Robbie and told her about some of his life, his traumas, and what he does. Well, I have to say that he has definitely changed for the better since Barbara started working on him. It is so interesting what Barbara came up with in his sessions, and how he acted afterwards.

“I seriously recommend Barbara’s work. She is caring, understanding and genuine. Even with the work done on myself, I have experienced firsthand more positive changes. I am happy for anyone to contact me if they would like more information on Barbara’s work with Robbie.” Sarah Linton,,

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