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Shulamith Eagle

(formal name: Barbara Clearbridge)

Spiritual Director & Spiritual Workshop Facilitator


Interfaith spiritual direction & guidance

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All services are on a love offering basis

Upcoming Workshops

Experiment With Light: A Guided Quaker Meditation based on historical home worship practices
Thursdays, April 7–28, 2022
7:30 pm–9 pm Eastern Time (US & Canada) via Zoom only.

Offered by Pendle Hill Quaker Retreat and Conference Center.
Registration and Information here

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Water of Life: A refreshing dip into practices for spiritual renewal
Friday evening, June 16, through Sunday lunch, June 19, 2022
Currently planned for a hybrid format: in person and via Zoom.

Offered by Powell House, Old Chatham, NY.
Registration: A link for registration and information will be posted here when available.

As of Thanksgiving, 2020, I am no longer providing medical intuitive and energy work services. Useful information remains on my former energy work website:

Click here for articles about energy work
Click here for EMF protection devices for your electronic devices and home
Click here for my healthcare and Reiki books

If you can’t locate someone to replace me, I recommend you look for an experienced Doctor of Oriental/Chinese Medicine, or a naturopathic physician skilled with a computerized diagnostic and treatment system such as the Vega Bio Expert. Do be careful, as there are a lot of similar machines which don’t do much. Also, people’s level of training and talent with such computers varies widely.

Some Doctors of Oriental Medicine are trained in Japanese acupuncture techniques. These can be more subtle and use smaller needles than Chinese techniques. For one type, Toyohari, the needles are held near the skin without actual insertion.

My interfaith spiritual direction practice will be my focus in the future, along with teaching, writing, and singing projects related to spirituality.

I deeply appreciate the trust and love I’ve received from all of you over these many years. You remain tucked into my heart.

Shulamith Eagle


(New York/Montreal time zone)

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