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In brief

Shulamith’s first career was as a professional musician. That led to her discovering the power of music to heal, including helping people find spiritual solace and inspiration. Eventually Shulamith moved to direct healing through energy work, a scientific approach to laying-on-of-hands healing.

Spiritual direction began for Shulamith as an offshoot of this work. Clients sometimes had spiritual crises related to serious illness or the death of loved ones. People also turned to her for hope in times of national or world despair. In January of 2017, she decided to fill out her training and offer this service more widely.

Shulamith has been teaching since she was 18. When she began doing energy work, she taught healing skills to people of all ages for nearly 30 years. Participants included healthcare professionals, students, and the general public. Since becoming a Quaker (see below) she has taught workshops about spirituality, prayer, and related subjects, for local churches and Quaker Meetings, interfaith groups, regional and national Quaker organizations, retreat and conference centers, and the general public.

Shulamith’s name: Shulamith Eagle

Shulamith’s original name was Barbara Clearbridge. When Shulamith turned 50, she had a “croning” celebration. At its conclusion, six people did Reiki healing on her at the same time. This brought a mystical experience in which Shulamith was given the name “Shulamith Eagle” for the next part of her life. “Shulamith” means “peace” in Hebrew. Since “Barbara” means “alien” or “stranger,” as in “barbarian,” she prefers the name “Shulamith.”

Spiritual background

From childhood, ShulamithShulamith had paranormal perception. What felt to her like spiritual experiences didn’t fit into the religion in which she grew up. As a teenager, she had a recurring illness which being “good” and faithfully doing religious practices didn’t relieve or cure. Therefore she tried a sincere practice of several other religions and spiritual traditions, searching for what seemed like the God she knew, and thinking that when she found the true one, the correct one, she would be healed. She had no success, so she rejected God as a fiction.

After several unhappy years, she had the first of what became periodic mystical experiences. These convinced her of God’s reality and presence and, eventually, of God’s love for her and responsiveness to prayers.

Not finding a spiritual home, she invented some rites and practices, and added others which nourished her. Quite a few of these she found later in Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) traditions.

A year after Shulamith began practice as an energy work practitioner, spiritual healing began to happen during her treatments. So she changed from charging sliding fees to working entirely by love offering, and added prayer to her sessions for those clients who wished it.

In 1995, Shulamith recognized that God was the focus of her life. She was ordained as a minister in a non-traditional, interfaith congregation. Eventually there was a schism in the mother church and the community fractured. Looking again for companions on her journey, she discovered the Religious Society of Friends, known as Quakers.

Quakers can come from any religious background or from none at all. They unite around the idea that “there is that of God in everyone” and their task is to relate to each other on that basis. There are many kinds of Quakers. Shulamith favors “unprogrammed” Quaker Meetings (congregations). This means there is no person designated as clergy or spiritual leader of the congregation; everyone has the responsibility to minister to each other. There is no pre‐planned program for worship; it is based on waiting in silence for a message from God, from Spirit, to come through one or more participants.

This background information is given to help you feel at ease. Shulamith is an interfaith spiritual director. Therefore she will not seek to convert clients to Quakerism, nor does she think it is better or more “right” than other spiritual paths. It is right for her, but she does not assume that it will be right for you.


Shulamith’s spiritual direction training consisted first of private study under the guidance of several people from diverse religious backgrounds who had many years of experience as spiritual directors. Besides continuing her relationship with them, she also meets with colleagues in order to expand her knowledge. She remains up-to-date through her membership in Spiritual Directors International.

She participated in the inaugural 13-month “Participating in God’s Power” course from The School of the Spirit (Quaker), 2019–2020.

In 1995, Shulamith received a Masters of Divinity from Almeda University based upon her lifelong studies and experience. For her thesis, she submitted her book, Finding God /Prayers & Spiritual Practices from Many Traditions.

At that time, Shulamith did extensive research about online degrees, and Almeda had a very good reputation. However, at some time after 2011, Almeda was acquired by another institution, and the University lost all credibility. As of 2017, it no longer exists.


Finding God / Prayers & Spiritual Practices from Many Traditions
Self-published book, 1995; rev. 2002, 2018

Heal With Your Hands / Beginning Energy Work Techniques for Helping Yourself & Others, including a complete guide to Reiki
Self-published book, 1995; rev. 2009, 2014

Natural First Aid & Simple Health Solutions
Self-published book, 2010

Recovery / Women’s Words About Healing After Trauma
Self-published book, 1996, rev. 2006, 2017

Second Degree and Third Degree Reiki manuals, 1996, updated frequently through 2020

Many articles published in various health-related publications, 1994–1997

Certifications & Training

“Participating in God’s Power,” The School of the Spirit (Quaker), 2019–2020
Hospice Volunteer Training, Hospice Volunteer Services, Middlebury, VT
Therapeutic Touch, Holistic Nurses’ Association
Healing Hands, Level 1, Holistic Nurses’ Association
Reiki Master, Usui Tradition

Professional Affiliation

Spiritual Directors International

Shulamith’s book about prayer

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Phone: 802.324.9149 (New York/Montreal time zone)

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