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Prayers & Spiritual Practices from Many Traditions

A workbook for individuals, families, and groups with stories, quotations, meditations, ideas to ponder, ceremonies, poetry, and prayers from many spiritual traditions around the world. Revised 2018. 125 pages. $16.00.

Reviews, Table of Contents & Excerpts


Women’s Words about Healing After Trauma

Quotes from women in all stages of the recovery process. Subjects include everything from deep depression to the final stages of healing, from handling traumatic memories to pondering God, evil, and the nature of forgiveness. Includes information and techniques for self care such as building self-esteem, energy work, herbs, laughter, healing places, prayer, meditation, wise inner voices. Has a book and resource list for further exploration. Revised 2006, 2017. Spiral bound, 125 pages. $15.00.

Table of Contents & Excerpts

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