About Spiritual Direction, Guidance, & Companionship:

No matter what is going on in our lives or in the larger world, there is a spring of peace, personal meaning, and joy available to all of us through a relationship with God. Whether we need practical help to make the connection, need a way into deeper communion, or just need occasional check-ins for an ongoing fruitful spiritual practice, a spiritual director or companion can be there for us. Sometimes a director is of one’s own faith or church. I am an “interfaith” director, which means I will not steer you into any particular spiritual path or religion. I will help you find what fits for you. You can read about my background here.

Here are some of the ways I can help:

Starting out: A spiritual director is not a counselor or psychotherapist. She is a bridge for you and God to reach each other. Through the director’s intuition and experience, through her own prayers for you, she helps you connect with the Divine, however you define it.

Blocks in our path: Sometimes, unconsciously, we block our relationship with God because of fear, a belief system that no longer seems true, hidden feelings, or for other reasons. A spiritual director can help us find our direction again—find our way back to God.

Sometimes the block is physical, or happens because of restricted energy flow in the body. With your permission, if this is the case I will do an energy work session with you to release the block or open up the energy flow.

Boredom: Sometimes nothing particular is “wrong,” but the savor has gone out of prayer. It feels lifeless and meaningless. A spiritual director helps us re-connect, or connect in deeper and more powerful ways.

The dark nights of the soul: A companion alongside us during the times of emptiness and what feels like silence on God’s end, is a Godsend.

For the more experienced person and the mystic: Spiritual exploration is simple, but it isn’t easy. Some of us have the means within ourselves to walk our own way most of the time. When we get stuck or confused, or perhaps occasionally overwhelmed, having someone to talk with about it can be all we need to get going again.

What Happens During a Session

We meet as often as seems right, either in person or by telephone, Skype or FaceTime. We both try to be open to the whispers, urgings, guidance, and inspiration that Spirit will provide if we’re willing. There may be periods of silence together. There may be praying together. We may sit together, walk, or find other ways that help you express yourself. It’s entirely individual and can be different each time, depending on your needs. Most sessions take about an hour. At the end of each meeting, we’ll decide when to get together again.


I work by love offering. That means you pay what you can, if you can.

Your Privacy

I respect your privacy completely. I will never tell anyone about you or what you have told me, unless you request in writing that I do so.

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