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Finding God

Prayers & Spiritual Practices from Many Traditions

This workshop is based on the book Finding God, Prayers and Spiritual Practices from Many Traditions, by Barbara Clearbridge. Each person will develop or deepen a prayer practice. We will explore spirituality and support each other in finding or strengthening our connection to the divine. The length and number of meetings is up to the group. Usually we begin with a two-hour in-person meeting. Some meetings can be group Skype calls. This can evolve into a spiritual direction group.

The Experiment With Light

The Experiment with Light is a practice of guided meditation based on early Quaker spiritual practice and updated for modern times. The early Quakers did not develop a doctrine of what spiritual reality is, but insisted it is available to everyone, is to be found by looking within, and “that of God” that is in each of us will illuminate this reality if we attend to it. 

The simple meditation helps us find and experience the spiritual reality of our lives. It is a life of rich rewards of peace, love and joy. To get there, we have to learn to listen to a wisdom in us that is deeper than our conscious thinking, that is able to put our sense of self into a wider perspective.

The idea is simple, but it isn’t easy. This is not a process that is only peace and joy.  While such opening to the light within opens us to peace and joy, it can also open us to regrets and challenges.  We are prone to turn away from the reality we don’t like, to deceive ourselves, to deny what is uncomfortable, and to project our own “dark” side onto others. Once we deceive ourselves, we don’t see reality, and all our sufferings come from this living outside of the truth, in our turning away from reality.

However, it was and is the experience of Friends that looking to the inner light while staying present with the sometimes painful revelations brings gradual and long-term transformation of our hearts and lives, along with peace, joy, and love—the fruits of the Spirit.  We can all do it, if we are willing.

This workshop can be as brief as an hour and a half, or as long as half a day. It can be followed by individual meetings with Barbara. After the initial meeting, we can continue to meet in person or via Skype group calls to support each other in our spiritual journeys. Most “Light” groups meet weekly or monthly on a long-term basis.

Group Spiritual Direction

We meet together in person (and later, perhaps, via Skype group calls) to support each other in our spiritual journeys. Groups have different “personalities” and needs. This one can function as a listening group, a discussion group, or facilitation can be more active including teaching spiritual practices to the group as needs come up.

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